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Thasja Hoffmann treats trauma and stress using Mindfulness, Attachment and Somatic Approaches



"I believe life is stressful and our childhood sets the stage for how we cope with these life stressors. Daily stress can lead to depression and anxiety, which is why I think therapy is important.

Neuroscience has shown that Mindfulness reduces depression and anxiety by helping to "rewire" the brain. I use Mindfulness, Somatic, attachment and Psychodynamic approaches to help with regulating the nervous system by repairing any possible trauma or childhood wounding. 

Thasja Hoffmann is Director of Westside Therapy Services.

My approach is focused on non-judgement and founded on the idea that healing is possible. People often wonder how therapy can be helpful and in the 20 years of doing therapy I have found that having a safe place to notice thoughts, feelings and experience can help gain clarity, awareness and self acceptance.

I have studied and attended neuroscience and trauma trainings from recognized professionals, some of whom are: Dr. Daniel Siegel, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and Dr. Peter Levine. I am trained in Mindfulness and Level Two of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy."


License number, MFC 49366, License number, LPC 136

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