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Casey Jones provides support with use of Somatic Therapy, IFS, Trauma Focused Care and Mindfulness approaches...

Casey Jones Specialized Therapist

She is a leading expert in the trauma field. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Since 2008. She has had the privilege to work with children, parents, families, and adults build stronger relationships through processing anxiety, depression, dysregulation, and trauma. In order to best serve her clients, her post-graduate studies have and continue to be with leading experts in the field of trauma as well as specialized training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Integrated Family Systems. 

 "Whether you are struggling with the impact of trauma or seeking therapy for one of life’s transitions, stressors, or disappointments, all are welcome. If you have experienced emotional or developmental trauma, you are not alone. Our trauma is often pushed aside, buried, or locked away because of the pain traumatic memories bring. Just because we don’t look at these painful memories, doesn’t mean they do not affect us. Turning within and welcoming all parts creates room for the freedom, peace, and connection we’ve been seeking."


"By turning within and accessing the wisdom of the body and Self, we work with all that arises  - thoughts, emotions, impulses, sensations, memories; in doing so, we discover more about ourselves and can heal past wounds in the present moment. The integration of these discoveries shifts our relationship to Self and others, resulting in a greater capacity to self-regulate and live more fully."

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