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Art by Beth Sleven- see blog post

What does attending therapy look like?

There are many different treatment modalities and many different ways to attend therapy. Initially it is important to take time to explore the different modalities and find the right fit for you as well as whether you would like to be in person or online.  We will help you navigate what therapy modality, therapist and way of attending therapy is most helpful for you. It's helpful to find a good fit. If you like, we offer a free 15 minute phone consultation and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about therapy. 

How do I know if the therapist is a good fit for me?

It comes down to what you feel you need to feel comfortable during the healing process. Are you able to address your concerns and work through things to get to a place of balance in your life. Balance with your thoughts, emotions and bodily reactions to things. Managing stress such as work, relationships or the overall stress of life with a bit more ease. 

What can you expect from therapy?

We will work together to explore the specific problem and underlying roots as well as use different therapeutic interventions to work through them. Therapy can help you gain awareness, which can sometimes cause you to feel worse before you feel better. Talking about a problem can be helpful, but some find it difficult to do so. The first step in therapy is building an environment that feels safe for you to talk and explore your feelings as well as sensate reactions in order to work through issues.

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