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Ziv Elgar provides support with use of Psychodynamic, Grief Work Trauma Focused Care and Mindfulness...

Ziv is an Associate Marriage Family Therapist, trained in Psychodynamic, and other evidenced based techniques, with a focus in Grief Work, Trauma Focused Care and Mindfulness.  She uses a unique blend as a Mindful-Attuned Therapist. 


She works with adults, children and couples. 

 "I believe that asking for help is the most challenging and brave thing you can do for yourself. Sometimes our struggles can be too big to handle on our own and I am here to create space for you to feel safe, worthy, and to assure you that it's okay to not be okay all the time. I will guide you through releasing the pressure of self-doubt, of comparison, of other’s opinions, of unrealistic expectations, of negative thoughts, of believing that you’ll never be enough because-you already are enough." 


"If you are ready for change, I am here to help. My goal is to support and challenge you to grow. I look forward to being a part in your journey." 


 Supervised by Thasja Hoffmann LMFT 49366

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