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Rachel Troy provides support with use of EMDR, Psychodynamic, Somatic Therapy and Mindfulness approaches...

I believe that effective healing happens within the context of a safe and supportive relationship. Just as disruptive or dysfunctional relationships can cause damage and distress, a secure and supportive relationship can help repair and ameliorate these wounds.  With this in mind, I strive to prioritize the therapeutic relationship in my work, emphasizing safety, trust, respect, and meaningful connection.

It takes immense courage to enter therapy and experience the changes that this process can yield. It is not always easy to face our pain head-on and to trust someone else to hold that space for us.  It is therefore my goal to successfully align with you, meet you where you are at, and walk along side of you in your path towards healing, personal growth, and achieving an authentic sense of self.  

My approach to therapy is collaborative and I presume that you are indeed the expert of your own life. In our work together, I will empower you to be curious about your subjective experience and investigate the root causes and source of your suffering.  I will help guide you to access and strengthen your mind and body’s own unique and natural healing abilities and help you to create new and effective skills for coping with distress and the challenges that life may bring. I draw on a variety of therapeutic modalities; Psychodynamic, person-centered, EMDR, Mindfulness and Somatic experiencing, honoring your individuality and tailoring my approach to meet your needs and therapeutic goals. 

I work with individuals, couples, and children, and have extensive experience working with the LGBTQI+ community, especially Transgender and Gender Nonconforming children and adults. I am also interested in exploring beyond the individual, investigating how larger issues within society contribute to disturbances in our mental health. 


 Supervised by Thasja Hoffmann LMFT 49366

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